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Get all the latest news to your inbox

April 25

by Millie Wickens
Give seaside landlords more tax breaks, urge peers

Landlords should be given tax breaks as an incentive to spend money to improve the homes they rent out, according to a new report from the House of Lords.

Peers are urging the government to consider the proposal as part of a package to regenerate seaside towns.

Many are suffering from a lack of investment and are short of cash as people move out for better housing, schools and jobs elsewhere, says the report The Future of Seaside Towns.

The Lords select committee on regenerating seaside towns recommended a three-pronged approach to improving housing along the coast:

  • Ensuring housing benefits matched local market rents so tenants could afford to let a property
  • Tax incentives for landlords as part of a wider strategy to improve housing
  • To give councils more cash to root out bad landlords and problem homes

“The proliferation of sub-standard housing and poorly managed HMOs in seaside towns underpins many of the social and economic problems that struggling coastal areas suffer,” said the peers on the committee, which was chaired by Lord Bassam of Brighton, the shadow spokesman for further and higher education.

“We recommend the introduction of stronger incentives for private landlords to improve the quality and design of their properties. This might include tax relief for making improvements to properties.”

Many of the housing problems related to poorly managed houses in multiple occupation (HMOs), said the report.

They cited a lack of incentives for encouraging landlords to invest in their properties.

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